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me 24/7

Chief. Always.

me 24/7

Chief. Always.

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Who wants a heart shaped bum smacking? :) 

This paddle looks amazing and cute!

Chief and I are going to a paddling class tomorrow. Depending on how it goes, I may ask Chief to consider how he may like a paddle like this!

04.17.14 One Week, Two Days

It’s crunch time! Sir and I will have our big moving day on the 26th. The pressure is on to get packing. I went through the first 16 or so boxes fairly quickly - because they were all books! I have yet to pack anything else yet. But tonight he is going to help me buckle down and really get some forward momentum and traction on this endeavor. His apartment is smaller than mine and he has far fewer possessions than me since I am a hoarder and collector of books. I was hoarding a great quantity of clothes, but I was able to get rid of about half of the useless items in my closet when I was first preparing for the move!

Our most recent MAsT meeting was last weekend. Our mentors host that MaST and they are also in the middle of selling their house and moving to Las Vegas for more preferable weather. This upcoming Sunday, I have volunteered to help them touch up the paint and clean up around the house to help them prepare while Sir is at work.

Tonight Sir and I will find and clean all the dishes and cups that have been deserted all over the apartment and pack away the ones that won’t be needed in the next week before the move as well as any pots and pans, other cookware, etc. Then we are to collect and toss all the garbage throughout the apartment, purging out any thing in the closets, drawers, and shelves that I’ve been hanging on for nostalgic reasons that no longer need to be kept and getting rid of them too! I want only to take with me the things I truly love and or need. I honestly allow my in-the-moment tendency toward nostalgia to dictate my decisions to keep certain knick knacks. And the feeling fades after a few months but I don’t remember to get rid of the item. That’s how a lot of my clutter around the place has accumulated.

I like that about Sir - that he doesn’t put much value in material possessions. And I imagine that would really help in maintaining a lovely and clutter-free home. It’s a trait I’d like to adapt for my own purposes and it has helped me stay motivated in the various purges I’ve performed over the last month and letting go of things I really don’t need to hold on to anymore.

As for our dynamic, we’ve had to put on hold a few things so that we can concentrate on the move and I don’t mind at all. I see why those choices were necessary since we were swamped for time even before we had to start packing up. I’m happy that he took our time limitations into consideration like that and made that choice to put those things on hold before they became an issue during our move. I feel assured that after we move in, that we will revisit those things as soon as we can and re-establish them into our regular dynamic.

Overall, I think our communication during conflict or misunderstandings has greatly improved. Last week, we went on a walk, while we talked about an issue we were having over my caning punishments. It was hard, as usual, to quell defensive feelings, but I think we succeeded by telling one another when those defensive feelings would arise. I think we’ve also improved in explaining our respective perspectives to one another. It used to be hard to not let hurt feelings run the whole conversation and let it escalate into a really bad situation before things could be resolved. But this time, it was much easier to recognize the negative feelings as they were happening and take the necessary measures to address them. I think we did great.

This week has been great overall. I can’t wait until two weeks from now though, when we will be living together and building our routines together and creating our home. I really just can’t wait!

My New Pal

I’ve been using a really popular app called myfitnesspal to help out with our weight loss project. It’s been a really great help since my memory is so terrible. So I can keep track of my caloric intake through my diet and log my workouts. Just in the first three days of looking up and logging my meals has been extremely eye opening for us. Things we thought were healthy or healthy enough sometimes didn’t even come close. Why is there so much sodium in everything?!?

We are pretty excited for moving in together at the end of the month, too. It’s almost every day that one of us says something to the other in a wistful and/or giddy voice, “Just think… all our groceries will be in one place,” or “can you imagine how easy it will be to maintain our routines when everything is all in one place?” or “I will never have to look for my razor!” (There have been times where us being at the wrong apartment for the night has gotten in the way of me being able to keep my nethers appropriately groomed because I forgot to pack my razor or don’t have the new replacement razor heads at the right place). No more food will rot because we were at my place and bought groceries but then spent the next few days at his apartment and when we come back to mine, some of the fresh food has gone limp and mushy. No more are the mornings when we try to rush a bowl of cereal before leaving for work and/or school only to find that we stocked this house with cereal, but we were at the other house when we bought the milk. Or for dinner when the fresh meat is at one house and the vegetables or rice is at the other.

I mean there have been countless times where we’d be at one place and the thing we want or need is at the other person’s place. Other Masters that we know have warned Chief of the difficulty that they guarantee will arise when one starts living with their power exchange partner. They have mentioned things like the difficulty of deciding who does what, refiguring the task lists and responsibilities. But honestly, since we spend each night together rotating between apartments, we’ve had to struggle with these issues anyway. We’ve had all the work alluded to sharing a household without the perks of that household being under one roof. Now we will have that shared roof!

I will be able to wake up every morning and worry about the contents of one fridge and one pantry with which to make our meals, rather than trying to stock two separate apartments. We will save so much extra time from no longer having to commute between one place and the other. My stuff and his stuff will be united and we will no longer have to stress over having to lug toys, clothes, and school materials to and from one place to the other again and again, nor deal with the frustration of realizing that something you need is at the other apartment.

These sound like little things but you’d be surprised how having to concern yourself with these little details on a daily basis can cause stress and a worn down feeling just from its constancy. But soon we will have one home, one base, one roof that is our home that we can build and maintain together. And I’m so excited and so eager for it to happen. May 1st can’t come soon enough.


Drink it all up my little cumslut.  -Sir

I miss Sir. I wish he didn’t have work today.


Drink it all up my little cumslut.

I miss Sir. I wish he didn’t have work today.

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03.22.14 Denial

I’m going through a Consequence right now. I’m not supposed to masturbate today. I’m not used to it. This is a new consequence. I masturbate every day usually. And it’s my day off.

So I messed up. I felt guilty doing it. But at the same time, it was so hard to wake up and not just go for it. I messaged him at work and confessed. It felt immediately better to let him know and hear him respond.

His words were more satisfying than any of the orgasms I could have given myself. His direction and his orders made me feel more at rest and relieved than any guilt-ridden pleasure I could have given myself. I’m grateful to have a Sir like that. I’m grateful to have my Sir.

03.18.14 Gaps - A Series of Messages

The last one on my left leg, I guess summed it up for me. I have had a nagging feeling that I think I've been trying to quiet for a while. Something I need to think about and perhaps research a bit more before talking about it. But anyway, for tonight, I had a reluctant and feet-dragging glumness when you told me that I had fucked up on sending you the picture earlier.
I could feel it in the way I was talking to you on the phone. That I was sullen. But more than that, there was an emotional distance between you and I. One that has been mentioned before during other separate instances, but I have been realizing (and probably not for the first time either because I've probably realized and forgotten before) that emotional gap is always sort of there. I don't like the gap. In fact, I hate it. It gets in the way of my submission to you and my willingness. But tonight, coming up with the list of things, I was worried that I was doing it but my heart wasn't in it.
But after writing the last one:
you have my continued efforts, I felt a little bit... eased, I guess. Because even when it's hard, I recognized those words as true.
Even when there is a gap and it can be so hard because of our past mistakes and the emotional scars, even when our dynamic doesn't look or feel like either of us want it to be just yet, you have my continued efforts. And having those words come out of my mind while I was coming up with the list gave me a dose of relief and love.
If you didn't have me, own me, you wouldn't have my continued efforts. I give that from my heart because I love you. Because I am yours.
That knowledge softened me up a bit and that was what I needed, to be softened.

03.18.14 Efforts

I forgot to do a task by the deadline. So I am to mark my body with 10 different ways I am his. These are running down my hips to my ankles, 5 per leg.

  1. You have my heart.
  2. You have my asshole
  3. You have my tits
  4. You have my thighs.
  5. You have the depths of my pussy
  6. You have my honesty
  7. You have my pain
  8. You have my anger
  9. You have my suffering
  10. You have my continuing efforts
I’m tired… I’m so tired. I thought I just needed a night’s sleep, but it’s more than that.

Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)

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I love how timid she looks. I get that shy during domination. >.>

Right? I don’t even think about it, just happens.



I love how timid she looks. I get that shy during domination. >.>

Right? I don’t even think about it, just happens.

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